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Video of the day, a video by 97.3 The Eagle’s Promo Joe on the Go about Bacon’s Castle

Video of the day, Virginia Ham and the Revolutionary War.  Filmed at Smith’s Fort Plantation by Edwards Virginia Traditions, the video discusses the importance of hams and Surry County, VA during the Revolutionary War.

Video of the day, a new look at Belmead-on-the-James which was listed on our Most Endangered Sites list in 2010 and on the National Trust’s in 2011

Video of the day, some of the winners of our 2012 Tobacco Barn Poster Contest. In 2010 Preservation Virginia added tobacco barns in Pittsylvania County to our most endangered historic places list. 

We don’t endorse smoking at any age. The drawing contest took place in Pittsylvania County where more than 1,000 historic tobacco barns are still standing and in danger of being lost due to neglect and/or demolition. The economy of this county was built on agriculture and the barns are a remaining legacy of that shared culture.

Our goal is to help preserve these historic structures and to talk about their cultural heritage in their location and not at all to promote smoking or the use of tobacco products.

Video of the day, Executive Director Elizabeth Kostelny announcing our 2012

Most Endangered Historic Sites List

Video of the day, an update from the archaeologists at Historic Jamestowne

Video of the day, the following film takes 5 hours of conservation work and narrows it down to a 3 minute piece.  The padlock was found in one of James Fort’s earliest wells.

Video of the day, Archeologist Dr. William Kelso discussing the discovery of the 1608 Church site at Jamestown, Virginia.

During the field seasons of 2010-2011 the Jamestown Rediscovery team, field school students, and volunteers unearthed the structural postholes from Jamestown’s first substantial church. This is the earliest complete footprint of a Protestant church in the New World, and arguably the grandfather of all current Protestant churches in the western hemisphere. It is also the site where Pocahontas wed John Rolfe in April of 1614.

Video of the day, burning weeds at Bacon’s Castle and getting ready to open for the season!

The John Marshall House, Smith’s Fort Plantation, Bacon’s Castle and Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown all open for the spring season on Friday.  Check them out!

Video of the day, archaeologist Danny Schmidt demonstrates how we recover the smallest artifacts from James Fort

For a change, a video of the day! A day in the life of our lab at Historic Jamestowne.  Watch our awesome conservators at work!

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